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What are you areas of expertise? I’m sure you want to know how to master you LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements module to boost your profile. So…continue to read!

LinkedIn Skills helps you discover the expertise that other professionals have and provide a powerful tool to show what you’re good at. It’s also a way to learn how people perceive your professionalism and expertise. In case your skills section is not already active (strange because LinkedIn is a bit pushy on it) you can find it listed on the top right column while you are editing your profile. Let’s see how to add your skills to your LinkedIn account. Once the skills module has been activated you can easily add a maximum of 50 skills. LinkedIn always provides you some suggestion but in my opinion you need to carefully review them. Some skills are dramatically generic and ambiguous and are not effective at all.

Be smart; choose skills that really represent you as a professional, here you will find 5 tips & tricks to find them:

#1 Select relevant skills

The skills must be relevant to your professional life. Relevant means that if you are able to use “Microsoft Word” maybe it is not the most relevant skill you must enter. We are not anymore in the 90’s and it is widely considered expected.

#2 Do not cheat

Don’t include skills that you don’t actually have in order to look better. Everyone hates cheaters! And having a skill without any endorsement is simply terrible.

#3 Wait until you master properly the skill

Avoid including skills that you are going to acquire (if you are studying something wait till you are able to master it properly the topic).

#4 Use your market’s lingo

Look to other profiles related to your market to be sure you are using the right terminology. Remember to write the skills in the lingo of your audience.

#5 Run periodical reviews

And finally point number 5. Review your LinkedIn skills quite often, to be endorsed for skills you don’t have or simply not relevant for your purposes is a very bad way to communicate with your audience.

It could happen, quite often indeed, that somebody accidentally endorses you for a skill you don’t have. This shows how it’s important to have a trustable network of contacts that you really know. Adding contacts indiscriminately is a bad habit and to be endorsed for something that does not correspond to the reality is a very common consequence.

Do not get crazy for SEO

There was a time when Skills & Expertise’s had an impact on the searches and even inside the Google SERP, but since October 2013 LinkedIn has downgraded the importance of these content.

Anyway, they have a huge visual impact in every profile.
Linkedin skills examples

You have to take care of your skills. To manage them is very easy.

Adding and Removing Skills on Your Profile

Anyway you have to take care of your skills. To manage them is very easy. Let’s do it together.

how to update skills on linkedinFirst of open your profile and edit it. Scroll down till you reach the Skills module then we press “edit” I suggest you to leave all the default settings, so: Yes you want to be endorsed Yes, you want to be included in endorsement suggestions to your connections, knowing that you will have to clean them occasionally Yes you want to see suggestion to endorse your connections knowing that it is better to look carefully what are the skills suggested by LinkedIn. I strongly suggest investing few minutes to endorse individually your connections, you will be more reliable attributing the skills and you will build a better relation with them. And Yes, you want to be notified when somebody give you an endorsement. Right below, you will find two sections: “Add & Remove” and “Manage Endorsements”
Add & Remove
Clicking on “Add & Remove” you will have the chance to delete the skills that are not relevant and to add the most useful ones. Remember the actual limit is 50 and a counter will remind you how many skills you are still able to add. To enter a new skill you must write it into the form and then press the button on the right. To delete the skills you just have to press the “X”.
Manage Endorsments
Clicking on “Manage Endorsements” you will be able to order them in the most favorable way. Selecting each skill by clicking on them, you will be able to show or hide every single endorsement. You can use this feature if you want to remove a certain person with a bad reputation appearing with his face on your skill and endorsement or to remove endorsements appear too cheesy like the one made by your mother saying you are beautiful.
How to get more endorsements
While you manage your skills it could happen that you realize some of your most important skills are not even present or they are under evaluated. Ask yourself why. However if you are really interested in a peculiar skill you can ask the people who already endorsed you for something similar to do the same for that skill. They have already decided to endorse you, they have already shown their appreciation, and they should be open to endorse you also for this skill.

How to Manage LinkedIn Skills | LinkedIn Profile from Giorgio Minguzzi

By the way…

Herewith enclosed a snapshot of the results got applying these same tips.
My results endorsing skills on LinkedIn

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